Pluralsight is the technology learning platform for teams that need to enhance the expertise of their technologists to keep up with the pace of technological change and deliver key innovations on time, on budget and securely. With Pluralsight you can evaluate the technical abilities of your teams, align learning to key business objectives, and close skills gaps in critical areas like cloud, mobile, security and data. With the largest network of expert technologists in the world, over 7,000 courses and the ability to quantify impact and performance, Pluralsight is helping public sector technology leaders succeed in the digital age.

Top areas of focus:

  • Software Development
  • IT Operations
  • Data Professional
  • Information and Cyber Security

Course Library

Access thousands of expert-authored courses covering the latest in cloud, mobile, security and data. Overcoming your technology challenges has never been easier.

IT Certifications

Master the skills required to pass IT certification exams and understand the latest technologies, threats, and vulnerabilities to develop your expertise in an IT role.

Skill IQ

Identify your knowledge gaps and strengths with our skill assessments. Your results will tell you where to start within a learning path, so you can develop the skills you need most and not waste time on what you already know.


Channels are an intuitive way to organize and share Pluralsight content so you can reach your learning goals and business objectives more effectively.

Hands-on learning

Practice and apply knowledge faster through real-world scenarios and step-by-step guidance with projects. Interactive courses make learning a new technology approachable with video tutorials and in-browser code challenges—from beginner to advanced.

Role IQ

Welcome to the standard for measuring success in technology roles. Finally you can see if you have the skills you need to succeed at your job, and what you need to work on to get to the next level.

Contract Name Contract Number Sector State
CIO-CS HHSN316201500012W Federal
GSA Multiple Award Schedules GS-35F-267DA Federal, State
SEWP V Group A: NNG15SC07B; Group D: NNG15SC98B Federal
State of California Multiple Award Schedule (CMAS) 3-16-70-1047B State California
State of New Mexico Multi-Vendor IDIQ 60-000-16-00075 State New Mexico
State of Texas DIR Multi-Vendor Software II IDIQ DIR-TSO-4236 State Texas

With Pluralsight, you can tap into expertise from anywhere and develop skills quickly on some of today’s most in-demand trends and technologies. It’s all to help your team stay focused on their learning journey and upskill your teams into modern roles. Stay home and skill up with Pluralsight for the month of April. Access the entire Skills platform today! Learn how you can skill up.