​The 2019 USDA Cybersecurity Expo will provide its active participants with information and resources on today's vulnerabilities, incidents, security lifecycle, risks and mitigations. It will also identify ways to work together and build a solid security foundation program to meet future challenges and trends in cybersecurity.

This year's USDA Cybersecurity Vendor Expo will provide live demos and informational booths focused around the Expo topics. Exhibitors have the opportunity to network with government personnel and industry partners to discuss critical issues, and exhibiting company representatives may attend sessions (space permitting).

The USDA is forecasting high attendance at this event. Meet with senior executives, chief information officers (CIOs), information systems security program managers (ISSPMs), personnel from the USDA workforce, and federal and industry partners. The expected attendee audience is both IT professionals and those non-IT professionals who are assigned IT security roles.

The theme for the 2019 USDA Cybersecurity Expo is: "Own IT. Secure IT. Protect IT."

USDA Strategic Goals
USDA has six IT Strategic Goals to support achievement of the Mission and Vision, and provide a tangible and actionable structure to produce results and achieve desired outcomes:​

  1. Align IT investments with mission and business priorities.
  2. Enable innovative business driven solutions by simplifying and unifying information technology.
  3. Optimize the use and value of information technology.
  4. Protect and defend the enterprise information infrastructure, critical assets, and capabilities.
  5. Enable information as a strategic asset for decision makers and citizens at any level.
  6. Develop a high-performing workforce to support the USDA mission today and tomorrow.


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