Cybersecurity August 20, 2020
There are 76 days until the 2020 presidential election, and it has already been upended by an unfortunate pandemic that has required states to go back to the drawing board to re-evaluate how voting will take place on November 3rd. However, government officials, particularly at the local level, not only have to contend with a pandemic but also an increase in digital threats such as ransomware attacks. These attacks are being used to create chaos in political campaigns and steal voting data before election day.
Cloud July 1, 2020
In previous years you would have ventured to our nation’s Capital to take part in the AWS Public Sector Summit. This year’s event – as you could imagine – was a virtual experience. Although I and my fellow DLT colleagues wished we could have been there in person, we really enjoyed our time at this year’s Summit. Much like what has been the theme of 2020, AWS had to adapt and innovate to these unprecedented times. They certainly rose to the occasion and put together a unique and valuable experience for their attendees.
Cloud June 16, 2020
In less than two weeks the DLT team will be attending the annual AWS Public Sector Summit. Like other high-profile gatherings forced to adapt to the ongoing remote lifestyle, this year’s summit will be virtual. Even as a digital experience, I don’t expect this year’s event to be any less impactful.
Big Data & Analytics May 29, 2020
The United States spent $554 billion in discretionary contracts for goods and services during FY18, covering the gamut from janitorial services to hand grenades. This number ranks higher than Sweden’s gross domestic product, as well as 165 other countries’ GDP.
Digital Design May 20, 2020
Another release of Civil 3D just became available, just as you probably finished installing the latest 2020 “fix.”   That was somewhat sarcastic, but I do some see much needed improvements to Autodesk Civil 3D 2021 and all other 2021 products.  But we can’t just look at what’s new in our hero product, but all other complimentary products as well, so I will briefly mention a few of those. Civil 3D Version Interoperability
Digital Design May 20, 2020
A new version of AutoCAD is now available.